Did you miss the BYU Women’s Conference live broadcasts?

Womens Conference participants on campus

Don’t worry—we’ve got you covered!

While the first three broadcasts were held live April 29 and 30, Women’s Conference is entirely digital this year and available online—now through September 30, 2021.

What is BYU Women’s Conference?

Women’s Conference is one of the largest annual gatherings of Latter-day Saint women in the world. This year’s theme is “I Am a Child of God. His Promises Are Sure.” The conference began 45 years ago and traditionally takes place at BYU, but the ongoing pandemic has kept the past two conferences online. This has allowed people from every corner of the globe to gather virtually to watch, participate, and be uplifted by positive messages unique to the conference.

Who speaks at BYU Women’s Conference?

Many people from all walks of life and from different Church organizations are invited to speak at Women’s Conference. This year, Elder Ronald A. Rasband of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and his wife Melanie spoke in the Friday closing session, as well as members of auxiliary general presidencies. Recorded sessions include Sheri L. Dew, Michalyn Steele, Clark G. Gilbert, Emily Freeman, Neill Marriott, Andrew and Milli Dadson, Carl Hernandez, Clark and Kathleen Hinckley, Wendy Ulrich, and many others with edifying thoughts to share.

“We’re so excited for the opportunity to reach thousands of women worldwide with messages of hope and encouragement, and practical advice for living the gospel and living life,” says Rosemary Thackeray, BYU Women’s Conference Chair. With such a wide array of topics, she says, “there is something for everyone.”

How do I watch BYU Women’s Conference?

There are seven sessions available at no cost. You can watch these sessions online at The Church News, BYU Women’s Conference YouTube, and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints YouTube channel.

The full conference can be accessed at womensconference.byu.edu for a registration fee of $59. All the recorded sessions will be available until September 30. This includes 35 sessions in English, five in Spanish, and five English sessions translated into Spanish. See the Full Conference Program to see the full list of speakers and topics and create a plan to watch them all!

Why watch BYU Women’s Conference?

Women’s Conference is a great way to gather family and friends for a weekend, a night, or even an hour of uplifting and inspirational messages. Can’t be together in person? You can still plan to watch certain sessions and discuss them later. After the uncertainties and chaos of 2020, these messages of hope and encouragement are welcome indeed!

The reminder that we are all literal children of our Heavenly Father is a timely one. Once we understand that, says Sheri Dew, “it affects everything we do.”

President Nelson reiterates, “If each woman really understood her divine identity and infinite worth, she would be filled with light and glory.”

We hope you find what brings you joy in these messages. You still have time to be a part of BYU Women’s Conference 2021!

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